And this is exactly where business affairs can start to slip into the unpleasant side. Accounting is for most entrepreneurs – from cafe owners to beauticians and even bike salesmen – not a favorite activity. Even closer to the point: the necessary but unpopular paperwork that needs to be done. But first lets get to this. A contract or bill should be written in a quiet moment, when no customers are around. And bang, you forget it. 


Push-off tactics or not, accounting is fast becoming a financial jungle. To make office management efficient and save your valuable time, Paymash offers the help of the practical “Invoices & Quotes” tool. 

Paymash, the Small Business Software, saves stress and helps the business world navigate everyday business needs – no matter how the store is booming, you never lose track of it. Best of all, it brings an end to the paper chaos. The Paymash business solution manages all sales and invoices in an online database. And so a bill for a macchiato latte can printed directly at the business. At the customer’s request, the bill can also simply be sent electronically by email. Invoices can be managed professionally in the Tool, which allocates payments perfectly and quickly, thanks to the BESR function. The businessman is happy and the customer is happy – he finds all his payment details comfortably in his e-mail inbox and can even contact the shopkeeper directly with questions via a chat function. 

What is best for a shopkeeper is a thriving business. And that you can enjoy even more so when you know that the finance and accounting are under control.

Conclusion: The Paymash complete solution for Small Business supports freelancers and self invoicing, writing quotes and document administration. Finance Stress: Paymash is created to provide valuable analysis on sales and customer base in the background , optimize accounting and simplify writing quotes and invoices.