The new back-end tool from Paymash easily and professionally creates and manages offers and invoices online. With this feature Paymash will also be interesting for many entrepreneurs outside of retailing – in the trades, for example, such as for a carpenter. It’s also true for carpenters: The customer is king! His or her needs are the focus of every job. Like in everyone else’s business, every carpenter’s project orders have their particularities. There are a lot of questions from the outset: What kind of project is it? Is it a piece of furniture like a chair, a table, a cupboard, or a wardrobe? Is it a stairway or door? Or a wall covering? The material to be used also needs to be clarified: oak, spruce, walnut, beech, alder, teak or pine – and how it should be processed – stained, oiled, painted, or none of the above. And that’s not all – customers’ stylistic preferences can vary greatly. They might be modern and simple, while others may prefer old-fashioned and fanciful. The combination results in a myriad of possibilities, which makes offering services at a single price impossible. So there needs to be a customized offer every time. Creating each one by hand can take a lot of time. The corresponding items have to be picked out, prices accurately calculated, and the document has to be designed such that it is visually attractive, because the interested party needs to be ensured upon receiving the offer that his or her project is in professional hands.


All that and more is child’s play with Paymash! You can enter your items once in the new online tool system, and from that point on you can create offers with just a few clicks, saving time and without errors. All selected items are inserted in a perfectly laid-out template, and the individual prices are then automatically added up for a total invoice amount. The completed offer can be sent from the system by email. With Paymash you have the entire process perfectly at your fingertips, from the initial inquiry through to the final invoice, because the tool supports complete documentation of all communications, incl. status overviews that show at a glance which documents have already been sent, read, commented on, or confirmed.

Conclusion: Paymash reduces cumbersome administrative work to a minimum, and in the most professional and simple manner. That way you can focus on your core business again. You can invest the time and energy you will gain in the production of unique, durable furniture. What are you waiting for? Try out the free download of Paymash POS for your iPhone from the App Store, and take advantage of the 30-day trial version, with no obligation!