POS and Webshop for beauty salons

Paymash point of sale software is elegant, efficient and customer oriented. Paymash makes online sales quick and easy, no matter whether you want to sell lipstick, special shampoo or a new hairstyle.

How Paymash can optimise your beauty business

Want to reach more customers?

Sell in your shop and online

  • POS system

    Our user-friendly POS system can be used as a cash register on an iPad or iPhone.

  • Web shop

    Want to sell your beauty products online? It's child's play with an online shop from Paymash

  • Wallet AppComing soon

    Our Wallet app can increase your sales and improve customer relations.

How can Paymash support my staff?

Effective selling

  • Intuitive operation

    New employees will know how to use the intuitive Paymash interface in a flash.

  • SumUp card terminal

    SumUp is a handy and elegant card terminal which can be connected to Paymash and is a great way to pay.

  • LoyaltyComing soon

    «Loyalty», Paymash's customer care module, allows you to sell and distribute credit vouchers and to apply discounts.

Want to keep an eye on everything?

Complete overview

  • Comprehensive statistics

    Paymash generates real-time statistics which show details such as your most sold product and your daily, monthly or yearly sales figures.

  • Customer analysis

    The customer analysis shows you how often individual customers visit your fashion store and how much they spend. This information can be put to very good use in customer loyalty campaigns.

  • Manage invoices online

    The management of your products and your webshop is clearly displayed. In no time you can adapt your inventory or add a new product.

It looks good, is easy to use and performs customer analyses - we are very happy with Paymash!
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