15 Instagram Tips for Small Business Owners from a Fashion Blogger

Why Instagram? In only six years, this photo-sharing app has exploded to 500 million monthly active users, with half of them using Instagram daily. It’s almost equally popular with men and women, but

We interviewed German fashion blogger Laura Deuerlein (followed by 147K people) to ask her how she built a successful Instagram business that earns her money for posting photos of things she’s passionate about.

What is the key point in launching a fashion Instagram account?

Before launching your own Instagram account, it’s important to know first what your concept is going to be. Knowing that will help you stay focused. Choose topics that you enjoy so you always have something to say. I love fashion and sports, so that is why I post a lot about them.

How do you attract your first followers once you’ve set up a new Instagram account?

People won’t find you and your photos by magic. You need to get them to notice you. At first I liked many pictures posted by others - about 1000 pics per day. People started liking my photos and following my account back.

Once you’ve gained many followers, what is the secret to keeping them and maintaining constant growth?

It’s important to hold people's attention. Continue liking lots of pictures and commenting on them. Also, it's necessary to be interesting for others. Share what makes you happy, just as you would with your friends and family members. Post many different photos of yourself that feature your hobbies, luxury items, friends, activities, new trends….

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What are typical mistakes in launching successful Instagram account?

The biggest mistake is to not interact with others. Like any social media platform, Instagram is a community. You can’t wait for people to love you. You need to reach out and follow others, like their photos, and leave thoughtful comments. They won't like or follow you if nothing comes back. Everyone wants to know that you’re interested in them, too.

What are 3 main principles of launching a successful fashion Instagram blog?

One, you have to post regularly so your followers constantly appreciate you. Two, you need to post on a schedule so your followers know what to expect from you and when. Three, you need to actively share fresh, new content so your followers don’t get bored with the same old thing.

How often should you post?

A very good question. There are popular bloggers who post each day and there are also popular bloggers who only post every third day. I post every third day because I think it's too much seeing the same face every day, no matter how beautiful you are.

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From your experience, what kind of photos gain most likes?

High quality pictures with good lighting are critical. People follow you because they want ideas and inspiration. They want to feel good. Beautiful photos catch their eye and draw them in. Be sure people can see the interesting details in your photos so they keep coming back for more.

What is your advice on written descriptions? Would you recommend using hashtags?

Yes, I write about one to three words for every picture. It leaves a better impression. I also search for and use popular hashtags so I can reach people who don’t know me yet but may be interested in what I’m sharing.

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What do you think appeals to your audience?

I think my audiences enjoy a mix of professional pics and private pics. I don't want my account to look like an official advertisement. Through my Instagram account my followers see what interests me as an individual who loves fashion. I am a girl like every other girl. I am not a model.


What is the most annoying issue in managing a fashion blog?

Posting when you don’t feel like it, when you don't have enough time, or when you’re ill, but you don't want to break your own rules and wait a week for the next pic. Somehow you just have to dig deep and make it happen.

Do you need a professional photographer and photo camera?

Absolutely. You can't do this without professional pics but, as I mentioned, you can also use selfies sometimes. Variety is important.

How can you make your photos look professional?

Use suitable lighting every time you take photos. Also pay attention to your background! You don’t want something ugly or distracting behind what you’re photographing.


What is your advice for photo editing?

My best advice? Good preparation helps you avoid editing. If you make sure you have good lighting and a clean backdrop to begin with, you won’t have to fix the photo later.

What do you think is the key to your success? Why are people attracted to your account?

I think my success comes from my hard work. I’m sure that everyone can become famous but it means investing lots of force and time. Keep going even if you don’t attract many followers at first. Don't give up too fast.

Do you collaborate with small fashion stores? Which stores do you prefer?

I’m offered many assignments, and I prefer to work with stores where I like their products, such as Limitatio, Mstraps, Natural Mojo, MAURÏNO, NIMA Brush, NA-KD, Grafea, Rubin Extensions…. I prefer mode and beauty items.


Have you started using Instagram to reach your customers yet? Perhaps Laura’s advice above will help you start or grow your social audience. You might also want to collaborate with Laura or someone like her who already has an audience of followers that you’d like to reach.

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