55 outstanding chalkboard quotes & ideas for your business

55 outstanding chalkboard quotes & ideas for your business

55 memorable chalkboard ideas and quotes that will attract customers or at least make them smile when they pass by your restaurant, café, bar or shop.

Funny chalkboard messages that will grab the attention of your customers

A chalkboard placed in front of your restaurant, café or bar with the daily menu or a special menu can work wonders and will lead more guests to you. The hand-written recommendations conveys a sympathetic impression, it is also very personal and inviting. In order to make this board into a real customer stopper, you can add one more thing: a funny message in addition to the daily special or just for fun. This way you are giving your potential guests the message that it is a relaxed and casual atmosphere in your restaurant.

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What should I write on my chalkboard?

You can let your creativity run wild? Your message can be funny, thoughtful or mysterious. It should stop the reader for a moment. It is neither right nor wrong, most important is to have fun and let your personality be free. The customers would also like it. Get some ideas from this page!

The chalkboard as an ideal advertising medium

We have developed a blind eye for the usual advertising signs and we no longer notice them. A chalkboard, in comparison, has a high attention value as it is individual and unique. It catches your eye and makes you curious.

Additionally, you can…

  • always write something new on your chalkboard whenever you have a good idea for a new message or you would like to draw attention to a new dish or cocktail
  • customize your chalkboard according to the season, weather or your own mood.
  • And best of all: a chalkboard costs much less than a professionally made sign.

A few tips for success

  • Sketch your idea first on some paper so that you know how much space you have for the text. Letters decreasing in size towards the edge of the board do not look good and are illegible.
  • Use a dark green or black board, it appears more natural and sympathetic than a bright, white board.
  • Dip the chalk in water before writing. After it dries, the text lights up in white or another color.
  • Keep a damp cloth handy for corrections. For detailed corrections, you can also use a damp cotton swab.
  • Less is more. Keep your text short, concise and memorable. This way pedestrians hurrying by can also get your message quite easily.
  • Use font types that match the theme or mood of your restaurant. For a French restaurant you need a different typeface than for a hamburger. In many font collections on the Internet (for example dafont.com), you can find a suitable font. Pay attention to readability.
  • Small illustrations liven up and emphasize your message. Ideas for small drawings that fit your theme can be found on Google Images.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes in your text. Let someone else look over it before you put the chalkboard out.
  • Try out different versions of the text and observe which one brings you the largest customer acquisition.

Just try it for fun

Even if you do not have a lot of graphical skills, you should be able to do a passable job. Perhaps one of your employees has a so far undiscovered talent that you can use. Give a prize for the most creative slogan.