Paymash can now look at an impressive number of customers. The mobile POS app assures the web-shop templates and the practical support-tools on matters like quotes, invoices and analytics among other through simplicity, professionalism and attractive design. Paymash is not blinded by success. The opinions and wishes of customers are still extremely important for the manufacturer to continuously develop the system. Thus, the latest feature goes back to the suggestions from the customers. 

Paymash POS system - the new scanner app

Many shopkeepers install Paymash on an iPad and place it stationary at the counter like a classic cash register. In order to ensure maximum user friendliness during collection in these cases, another iOS-device can now be installed via app as separate hand-held scanner. This shows a useful extension of the system, because until now the product scanner function was available only in the main-app. Another iOS device – ideally an iPhone or iPod Touch – and the new Paymash Scanner app from the App Store is everything that is needed for operating the external scanner. The POS device and the newly installed scanner can be connected with each other via Wifi or Bluetooth. Products in the entire shop can be captured with hand-held scanner as long as they are paired. Fully portable and just as you like!

Conclusion: With the latest system extension, Paymash meets the needs of its customers and now allows an even more independent scanning of products. One more reason for all the shopkeepers to switch to the practical Paymash POS solution!

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Download the Paymash Scanner