We are happy that the event from Paymash and the fashion boutique, Jo Brauer, was well received in the media and blogger world. In our last blog entry we talked about the event, now we proudly present some of the greatest reactions to it. The magazine ‘More than Beauty’ describes how fashion boutiques and new companies make a good choice with Paymash. The digital issue of ‘More than Beauty’ invites you to browse and can be accessed here. On page 55 you will find the article about Paymash.


In the Gala Schweiz you can find an interview in which the owner of Jo Brauer explains what she enjoys about Paymash. ‘Paymash convinced us because with it we can control both the online-shop as well as the check-out in the shop and the inventory management.’ On Instagram, the beloved photo platform, many bloggers put up their pictures from the event. The Instagram bloggers praise the stylish presentation of products and the new locality of Jo Brauer, adorned with many hashtags. Here is a selection of the Instagram pictures.