Improve your fashion business with Paymash

Paymash is the perfect software for your fashion store. You can sell items through either the POS system or online and complete transparency is provided by statistics and automatic inventory management.

How Paymash can optimise your fashion business

Unsure where you should be selling?

Sell anywhere!

  • POS system

    Our POS app for iPads and iPhones helps you to serve your customers by turning these devices into cash registers that are light, portable and look great - exactly what a trendy fashion store needs.

  • Web shop

    Paymash makes it possible to create a very attractive online shop with very little effort. The Page Editor makes it easy to change your shop content. The POS system and online shop work hand-in-hand.

  • Wallet AppComing soon

    «Loyalty», Paymash's customer care module, allows you to sell and distribute credit vouchers and to apply discounts.

Want to devote plenty of time to your customers?

Simple administration

  • Manage products

    Creating and importing products takes next to no time. With just a few clicks, you can create several versions of the same product, for example a pair of trousers in the sizes 37, 38, 39 and 40, in a choice of either blue or grey.

  • Customer management

    Paymash helps you manage your clientele. The POS system allows you to enter new customers directly and to assign every bill to a customer.

  • Inventory management

    Inventory management is child's play with Paymash. Sold items are automatically deducted from your inventory and replaced in the inventory if an invoice is cancelled.

Want to keep an eye on everything?

Complete overview

  • Statistics

    Paymash generates real-time statistics which show details such as your most sold product and your daily, monthly or yearly sales figures.

  • Customer analysis

    The customer analysis shows you how often individual customers visit your fashion store and how much they spend. This information can be put to very good use in customer loyalty campaigns.

  • Feedback

    Let your customers tell you what they think. Paymash's feedback function helps you to know how happy your customers are.

«Thanks to Paymash, I know exactly what's happening in my store and my online shop.»
Fashion Boutique Jo Brauer
Fashion Boutique Jo Brauer
Fashion Boutique Jo Brauer
Fashion Boutique Jo Brauer
Fashion Boutique Jo Brauer

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