With Paymash, you always have a clear overview.

Paymash's fast and intuitive user interface will improve customer satisfaction by supporting your staff and providing an optimised sales process.

How Paymash can optimise your catering business.

How Paymash can optimise your catering business.
How can Paymash support my staff?

Efficient operation

  • It's portable and user-friendly

    The app is designed to be very easy to use, so even new employees will be able to use it in a very short time.

  • Simple table selection

    You can assign names to your rooms and tables so that your service staff will be able to match bills with tables

  • Flexible payment options

    No problem if your customers want to pay separately - bills can either be split or combined.

Want to keep an eye on everything?

Complete overview

  • Comprehensive statistics

    Paymash generates real-time statistics which show details such as your most sold product and your daily, monthly or yearly sales figures.

  • Customer analysis

    Get to know your customers. How much do they spend on average? Who are your most frequent customers?

  • LoyaltyComing soon

    «Loyalty», Paymash's customer care module, allows you to sell and distribute credit vouchers and to apply discounts.

What hardware do I need?

Suitable hardware

  • Order printer

    To be fully-equipped, we suggest that you place one printer in the kitchen to facilitate order fulfillment and use another to print receipts for your guests.

  • SumUp card terminal

    SumUp is a handy and elegant card terminal which can be directly connected to Paymash. The small size of this device makes it ideal for restaurant use.

  • iPad or iPhone

    The Paymash POS app is available for iPhones and iPads. These devices are both very compact, offering wonderful mobility and flexibility.

It looks good, is easy to use and performs customer analyses - we are very happy with Paymash!
Restaurant Cittadella

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