As software developers, it’s extremely important to examine the results of our work during the testing phase. That’s why we interview Paymash users from the most varied industries – below you'll find a report on one of our visits.

We visited Gwunderfizz, a specialty store in Zürich selling children’s fashion, shoes, toys and accessories. The owner puts very clear demands on Paymash: she wants to comfortably handle cash transactions using her iPad, but also manage activities in the online shop while serving multiple customers in her store. Clearly this is possible with Paymash, since it helps her manage all of her cash transactions by iPad. Not only that, she now knows exactly who received the latest news and how they reacted, because Paymash has a customer management tool for analyzing all activities. She was excited about the online shop, because despite her large number of items, Paymash makes it easy to run a store and a webshop. Of course, Paymash can both generate and maintain invoices. It’s especially crucial to have the ability to manage open items when processing online orders. This practical approach is decisive in enabling us to match our concepts with the needs of our customers and to constantly ensure optimization. We are pleased that our convenient iPad solution is so well-received and works so efficiently. Perhaps you’d like to test it for yourself? You can test Paymash for 30 days without any obligation. Simply registering is enough. Naturally it’s free of charge and requires no credit card payment. Just drop by our site!