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Send invoices directly online

Speed up your administration with Paymash's billing and quotes tool. Manage your orders, invoices and offers and send out bills by email directly from Paymash. Paymash makes it easy to stay in control of outstanding, paid and overdue amounts.

  • Practical invoice editor
  • Send offers that your customers can accept at the push of a button
  • Track if your client has seen the invoices or not


Invoice editor

Create excellent customer relations

Paymash's integrated CRM makes your office work easier and provides you with more time for you and your customers. Capture your contacts, leave notes and maintain business contacts.

  • Central customer file / CRM
  • Chat with your customers and leave notes on proposals
  • Import / export customers


create invoices on your laptop in the cloud

All the facts and figures you need

On your dashboard, you can see in real-time how your business is developing. You have access to your reports from everywhere. You can also manage all your products and services from here.

  • Useful statistics and reports
  • Find invoices and customers
  • Security backup in the cloud



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