Invoices and offers

Had enough of paperwork? With Paymash, you can send all your offers and invoices online. You can also manage your clientele and will be provided with useful analyses of your turnover and customers.

Send invoices in no time - even when you're at home

With Paymash everything takes place online
Put an end to paperwork

With Paymash everything takes place online

  • Simple administration

    Thanks to Paymash's straightforward user interface, you will never lose track of your invoices.

  • Extensive filtering options

    No invoices will get lost with the help of our filtering function.

  • Everything is online

    With Paymash, all your invoices are stored securely online and you can print them whenever you like.

Nothing will ever get lost any more
Keep track of everything

Nothing will ever get lost any more

  • Online offers

    You can send customers a link to online offers by e-mail. The link will take them to a page where they can take advantage of the offer and are provided with payment details.

  • Always up-to-date

    You can check if customers have already seen your offers or invoices.

  • Customer chat service

    When customers are online, they can use our chat service to communicate with you.

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