Paymash is state of the art in terms of mobile POS systems. We are continuing on in the fast lane and are even pulling ahead, because in addition to for iPads, the popular POS system just became available for in your pocket. Paymash is now on hand wherever you go. While in some situations, such as at lunch time, a tablet will often end up being left at the workplace, in the morning forgotten on the kitchen table, or not even purchased because of its price – hardly anyone leaves the house these days without a smartphone. As a result the Paymash POS system has become even more mobile and versatile. The POS system can be used completely independent of location, and works perfectly even without an Internet connection. That Paymash is available on the iPhone makes costly acquisition of additional accessories a thing of the past, since it can be used with already existing hardware. In the event that the app is not intended to be installed on a private smartphone, there is also a clever solution. The new Paymash POS version runs flawlessly not only on iPhones, but also on its smaller and cheaper sibling, the iPod touch.


Your employees will also benefit from the app experience on the small, lightweight device. You will often have your hands full while in the store, and have the feeling that it would be best to have at least five arms and four legs. Paymash for the iPhone won’t grow new limbs for you – but because of the iPhone’s smart size you will always have a hand free.

Conclusion: The clearly structured user interface remains on the smaller display, and still allows you to operate the system quickly and intuitively. And you will find exactly the same Paymash functions on the iPhone version as you know from the iPad. Easy orientation is guaranteed! What are you waiting for? Try out the free download of Paymash POS for your iPhone from the App Store, and take advantage of the 30-day trial version, with no obligation!