Paymash Kundendaten – die Grundlage für wirkungsvolle CRM Massnahmen

In recent years, many companies have taken it for granted that they should collect as much data as possible about their customers. Business, policymakers, and society agree that this data is valuable. Big data has become one of the big issues of this decade, but many companies still don’t know where to begin with the wealth of data they’re collecting. The data only has value if you know how to extract it and use it, whether for analyses, forecasts, or even just to keep in contact. The possibilities are varied and numerous specialized companies already offer smart solutions for this area. 

The Paymash system explicitly provides secure storage of customer data. Paymash’s customer analyses can provide valuable initial insights into user behaviors. But to make further use of the data, the mobile POS and webshop provider clearly refers its clients to the existing professional and proven solutions on the market. We do everything to make switching between the systems as easy as possible! The export function in Paymash allows you to download all of your customer data as a handy Excel spreadsheet. You can then use the data in this file in a number of ways. You can import the data using any of the many practical tools out there like Salesforce or Mailchimp because the Excel file is a standard data format across platforms. You can use MailChimp to send newsletters and obtain interesting information about the success of your campaigns. The Salesforce solutions provide various applications for sales, marketing, application development, and customer service, all of which put the customer at the center.


Conclusion: Don’t just collect customer data, but use it! Gain insights into customer behavior, created well-founded forecasts, and maintain personal contact with your customers. Use the Paymash data export as an interface to the many attractive CRM tools that are out there!