With the Paymash online tool for offers and bills you stay in the know at all times even with a full order book. Does this sound familiar: Sometimes there’s more to do, sometimes there’s less. And sometimes everything just comes in one fell swoop! Then orders rain down on the company from all directions for paperhanging, painter requests for facades and interiors, mold problems and paintwork and whirl in a muddle! The order book is filled to capacity and ringing tills are a true reason for joy. But even this coin has another side: The more orders come in, the more difficult the management of single projects becomes. Clarity dwindles, mistakes and omissions sneak in and the project handling becomes increasingly inefficient.


However, with the new online tool from Paymash this won’t happen! The system manages all of your orders, provides perfect summaries and reduces the risk of error to a minimum. In the system they store your uniquely inserted materials and possible cost positions and from there on the production of new offers is child’s play! In just a few steps choose the necessary element for the current project and broadcast it in a professionally formatted offer document with total cost calculations. Click once more — and the document will already be sent as an email to your potential customers! Through the precise status overview you can keep an eye on all current projects: Which offers were sent and which of them were already seen by the customers? Which orders were placed, where is billing due? Furthermore with the additional documentation function Paymash saves the whole communication, which runs on the system and thus allows a comprehensive understanding of all agreements and details.

Conclusion: The Paymash online tool makes the coordination of offer-based projects considerably easier and is a true lifesaver in times of great demand. Don’t struggle with dull desk work longer than necessary and quite simply let Paymash work for you!