Online shopping is convenient, easy and enjoys the growing popularity among today’s customers. It is fast and a huge selection is available at all times. Reviews of other users help in the assessment of products. Prices can be directly compared and the delivery arrives next day itself comfortably via Express at home or in the office – as per your request. However, online shopping has an important disadvantage: you cannot take a closer look at the goods before buying them like in retail stores. The customer is directed to the product images of the retailer – touching, operating or trying out is initially not possible. Top view of product variants in Paymash Webshop

Thus, an optimal product presentation is extremely important so that the customers decide for an order. Especially when a product is offered in many different variations, differences should be accurately shown. Only thus, customers can imagine, like e.g. a bouquet in size S falls out in comparison to XL, which shade the pullover exactly has red, grey or green or how a piece of furniture appears in different material designs. But, before you get carried away to accept each variant of goods as a separate product in your online catalog and thus to sacrifice the clarity of your store, rather take a look at the practical functions of Paymash once again. Because you can now determine a separate image for each product variant in a web shop of Paymash. If the customer clicks on one of the variant, the respective image automatically appears at his end. Learn in our Help Center how to create products with variants.

Conclusion: Simplify the purchasing decision of your customers, by drawing attention towards your goods in best possible way and thereby also increase your sales apropos of nothing.