Paymash is THE point-of-sale app for the iPad. Right? Yes! But Paymash is not only limited to the iPad, but also runs well on all iPhones and iPod Touch. Nevertheless, for many Paymash users, the tablet for  is the hardware of choice. A large display promises better readability and easier operation. Thus, the benefits of using the app on your smartphone or iPod seem obvious. Yet the makers of Paymash have optimized the app, designing it wisely and prudently so that it will work equally well on all iOS devices, providing excellent user-friendliness. In addition, there are also situations where the use of smaller-scale devices even makes more sense. This is particularly the case if the greatest possible flexibility and mobility are to be achieved. While an iPad usually does not fit in your pants or apron pockets, this is no problem when it comes to the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Paymash is with you every step of the way, and always ready to use! In addition, smaller devices easily be operated with one hand, which is a great advantage when multitasking. 

Paymash – ideal for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch!

Test Paymash once each of the different devices and then decide which hardware to run the app on. And if something should be wrong with your main device, then you can enjoy the confidence that you will be able to seamlessly switch to any other iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. 

The conclusion: Paymash is the mobile app for POS systems and runs well on all iOS devices, whether it be iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Choose Paymash and use the app very flexibly in whatever way you please.