Daniele Piscopia from Reandmix uses Paymash for his company. In an interview he told how Paymash simplified his work and optimized customer care. For 15 years Reandmix has worked successfully in the field of advertising technology. Graphics for cars, shop windows and other decorations, but also textile printing and the field of graphics are part of the company’s service spectrum. That means many regular customers, but also occasional customers. Here the top priority is a quick, automatic registration of clients and their care in the customer file. In the company it only functioned to some extent with the old check-out system. Through the change to the Paymash check-out system, Daniele Piscopia sees a meaningful improvement of this important customer service. Thanks to Paymash occasional customers are now ideally included and even the check-out could be replaced. That has clearly accelerated the order overview in the company and increased flexibility. An important fact for Piscopia, it allows you to track exactly which products sell well and which do not. Quick feedback is available with it, which can incorporate content in its own improved marketing in order to generate new income. The conclusion from the company’s perspective: ‘Because it is completely automated, it is very ingenious.’


But even the simplification of organizational processes of order processing will be highlighted positively according to Daniele Piscopia. So for instance with Paymash there is the option that receipts could be sent directly to the clients by email. A fast electronic way that saves not only paper, but also time. Both for the company and range of services for customers.


Naturally Paymash offers qualified support for their Daniele Piscopia can confirm from experience that it works well. Regardless of which questions arose, Reandmix was not only answered quickly by support, the company also always got constructive answers immediately. Daniele Piscopia summarized his experiences and satisfaction with the support from Paymash in a sentence: ‘I am very satisfied, all questions, which I had until now, were answered.’ We are pleased to be able to support Daniele Piscopia and his company with Paymash and wish them much success in 2016!