A mobile POS system for your tablet or smartphone

The smart point of sales system that helps you to manage your business. Connect with your clients, whether you sell in your store or online shop, Paymash has you covered.

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All-in-one POS system

Paymash offers everything you need to run your business efficiently. Thanks to user friendly interfaces you can immediately start selling your products and services online.

  • Multiple stores possible
  • Runs on iOS and Android
  • Complies with regulations



Your inventory under control

Manage your inventory across channels. The seamless integration makes it easy for you to sell products while automatically updating your inventory, orders and customer data.

  • Create products with just a few clicks
  • Simple warehouse management
  • Use barcodes



Grow your clients list

Customer management made easy. Find out which are your most loyal customers with the integrated customer analytics tool and reward them with discounts.

  • Capture your customer in Paymash CRM
  • Mail your customers receipts
  • Create customized discounts



Full set of reports to track the performance of your business

The dashboard shows you at a glance how your business is developing. All your sales, invoices and orders at a glance. A full set of reports help you make the right decisions for your company.

  • Track your business numbers in real time
  • Accessible from everywhere and at any time
  • The statistics and reports you need



Restaurant mode

Serve your guests and take orders directly at their tables. Send orders directly to your kitchen printer. Paymash is widely used in restaurants, bars, coffee shops and food trucks alike.

  • Intuitive table plan
  • Compatible with kitchen printer
  • Radio ordering



Accepting payments has never been easier

Accept all popular payment methods in your store, on the road and online. You can sell your products and services wherever your customers are and never again have to turn down a customer.

  • Free choice of your payment method provider
  • Accept different payment methods
  • Compatible with SumUp Terminal



Customer-facing display

The Paymash display makes the payment process more efficient and enjoyable. Customers see in real time which products are typed. You can then enter your e-mail address directly on the display and have your invoice sent to you by email.

  • Show data in real time
  • Shows special offers when it is not active
  • Helps capture customer profiles



Powerful software needs powerful hardware

Put together the ideal hardware for your pos system or choose a starter package or our leasing offer. We help you find the right hardware that suits your needs.



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