iPad POS system

The iPad POS system from Paymash offers an attractive design and a simple sales process and provides useful statistics and analyses."

An elegant and efficient retail sales solution

Easy to work with
For employees

Easy to work with

  • Intuitive design

    With images you can personalize your selling screen. Even new workers will understand the simplified selling process in no time.

  • Special invoices

    It's easy to apply a discount to a single product or "an entire bill and to create single-use products.

  • Inventory management

    Your inventory is updated automatically whenever a product is sold. If an order is returned, the products can be returned to your inventory.

Management and overview
For business owners

Management and overview

  • Sales statistics

    Sales for the current day can be viewed in the POS app. Your entire sales history can be viewed and exported online.

  • Employee management

    Assign access rights to your employees to decide who can cancel invoices or view daily statistics.

  • Customer care

    You can assign every bill to a customer and quickly add new customer accounts, thus providing a detailed online analysis of your clientele.


The Paymash POS system can be installed on iPods, iPhones and iPads. If mobility is important, an iPod is the best choice because of its handy size. If you want to have a fixed point of sale, the display of an iPad is larger and clearer.

Metapace cash drawer
Metapace cash drawer

The cash drawer can be connected to Paymash through the printer, allowing it to be opened with a mouse-click. Its classic, elegant design looks good anywhere.

Epson printer
Epson printer

This printer can be connected to Paymash and three models are available: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet. Order one now in our online shop!

Card terminals
Card terminals

You can use any card terminal, but a SumUp terminal is small and easy to use and works especially fast because it can be directly connected to Paymash.

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How do I start using Paymash?

  • 1. You can test Paymash for 30 days, free of charge and without any obligation.
  • 2. If you decide to continue using Paymash after the trial period, just provide your credit card details.
  • 3. You can import or create your products yourself, or an import can be performed on request (charges apply).
  • 4. Suitable hardware can be found in our online shop. If you're not sure what you need, please read the post in our Help Center.
  • 5. Our Support Forum offers useful information about numerous topics.