Paymash clever software solutions have proven themselves popular with retailers in a myriad of ways and the self-employed alike thanks to their user-friendly, transparent and professional features. A large number of users primarily generate revenues on transactions conducted with individuals. But the B2B market is also relevant for many users. The latest Paymash development thus benefits corporate customers by further professionalizing business transactions.


Previously, it was necessary to identify an individual as a contact for each operation in the Paymash system. Whether it was during the registration in the webshop, for a simple order or for an invoice  – the first and last name of a person was always required. In some companies, this is undesirable. Paymash takes the needs of its users seriously and has therefore remedied this issue: From now on, it will be possible to simply use company data on all Paymash systems. In this way, companies can operate as an independent legal person and simultaneously reduce organizational workloads. Since all orders are processed through a single company account regardless of the individual employee, it is far easier to keep track of all business transactions.

Conclusion: Paymash is not resting on the laurels of past successes, but is rather constantly working on further improvements. The new smart software feature for POS systems, webshops and invoices specifically addresses the needs of corporate clients. Push your B2B business and take advantage of the many tools and benefits of Paymash solutions!