The all-in-one business software for small businesses, the self-employed, startups and freelancers

The Paymash Business Software offers you an invoice program, CRM, POS system and online shop, individually or combined in an unbeatable bundle.

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Maintain excellent customer relationships with your CRM

Efficient customer management saves repetitive office work. This gives you more time for your work and customer service. Easily import your existing contacts into the Paymash cloud.

  • Collect and manage your customers
  • Quick access to all contacts
  • Capture notes and comments



Create invoices and proposals with only a couple of clicks

With the invoicing software you can create professional invoices and offers with little effort. With just one click you can send invoices directly by e-mail to your customers and you can even track whether the email has already been opened.

  • Create beautiful invoices and quotes
  • Send quotes and invoices directly by email
  • Customize invoice with your logo


business software invoice

Take control of your business in your dashboard

In the Paymash dashboard, you have access to all relevant business figures. Access sales, orders, customers and invoices from anytime, anywhere.

  • Log into your account from anywhere
  • Your data secured in the cloud
  • All business figures always available


business software dashboard

Create and manage your services, products and inventory

Manage all your products and services directly in Paymash. You can import existing products in an Excel file and then insert them directly into offers and invoices. With the optional inventory management, you can always see how many products are still in stock. Set prices, discounts directly from the webapp.

  • Insert products directly into offers, orders and invoices
  • Import products from Excel
  • Keep track of unpaid invoices


business software create products

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