Simplify your everyday office work with Paymash

Paymash makes everything easier for you - creating offers or invoices, online administration, customer care...

How Paymash can optimise your services

How can Paymash help me?

Comprehensive range of tasks

  • Invoices and offers

    With Paymash, you can use your internet browser to send invoices and offers by e-mail, or to print them out.

  • Customers and employees

    Manage your customers and employees online and keep track of everything.

  • Manage products

    Add services and products with ease, or import them from an Excel file.

How can Paymash support my staff?

User-friendly interface

  • Intuitive operation

    Managing products and sales is easy, thanks to the user-friendly interface, so even new employees will be able to use Paymash in no time at all.

  • Customer view

    If you send an invoice or an offer by e-mail, the customer receives a link to the document and can either export it as a PDF or start a chat with you if any changes are required.

  • Responsive design

    All functions are also available on tablets or smartphones because the website is also optimised for mobile devices

Want to keep an eye on everything?

Complete overview

  • Comprehensive statistics

    Paymash generates statistics which show details such as your most sold product, your daily takings or how much each employee has sold.

  • Customer analysis

    The customer analysis shows you how often individual customers visit your fashion store and how much they spend. This information can be put to very good use in customer loyalty campaigns.

  • LoyaltyComing soon

    «Loyalty», Paymash's customer care module, allows you to sell and distribute credit vouchers and to apply discounts.

«The Paymash tool for invoices and offers saves me a lot of time. Documents look really professional and can be sent directly from the system by e-mail - it's a great way of keeping on top of everything.»

Service providers who already use Paymash

  • Fabware
  • Lutz Gärten
  • Jet Boat Interlaken
  • ReAndMix
  • SocialMediaPush