Conveniently create and manage offers and invoices online, maintaining a perfect overview of all the details. When the next spring arrives, the garden centres will get busy again. Many interested customers will communicated a variety of project ideas: They want to spruce up their front garden, yearn for a green, calming oasis with a pond, or want to impress the neighbours with an exemplary English lawn. In short – business is booming and every order is different. However, what they all have in common is a high standard of quality. Because only if the right tree is the right size at the right time, and in the right place, will the customer be satisfied and happy to recommend you. That is why it is particularly important to accurately understand customers’ needs. Larger remodelling projects in particular can become very complex, and especially if several of them are happening at the same time, it will become difficult to keep track.

Extensive series with shoppers and growers in a plant or flower nursery.  Multi-ethnic group includes Caucasians and Asian Americans.

Paymash provides an ideal tool for this, in that it enables you to easily create professional offers and invoices online. Clearly structured management and storage of all projects ensures maximum insight. And all interactions conducted between the customer and service provider are fully documented. This ensures that all relevant information is in one place. Each offer you send is detected and the system will recognise whether it has been read by the recipient or not. A feedback function integrated into the offer also stores all notes and agreements regarding the project. After successfully completing an order, it only takes a few clicks to generate from the offer an invoice that is ready to send.

Conclusion: With Paymash you can keep get unnecessary administrative work off your back, and can concentrate fully on your customers’ wishes. Convert to this practical online tool now, and start off the next season with increased productivity.