The fashion boutique Jo Brauer has recently moved into the Europaallee in Zurich. The Paymash POS system also drew attention during the cocktail reception at this new location. Dusanka Simic, owner of Jo Brauer, is pleased with the new location of her fashion boutique. “Our new store is bigger, brighter, and Europaallee is located near the main train station,” she said in an interview with GALA Schweiz. The media, bloggers, and fashion enthusiasts were informed about the boutique at the cocktail reception. In addition to the fashions and the new location, people were also impressed by the Paymash POS and online shop system.


The Jo Brauer fashion boutique opted for Paymash two years ago because they can control the in-store POS, the online shop, and the inventory with it. They are very satisfied with the decision at this point, and describe Paymash as “a comprehensive and very user-friendly system”. This flexible system with integrated online shop is the perfect support for everyday business, and has a persuasively simple, elegant design. And the iPad POS fits perfectly into a modern boutique, contributing to a young and fresh atmosphere. The owner of Jo Brauer recommends Paymash to young companies and start-ups. José Manuel Rodriguez, founder of Paymash, gave a presentation on Paymash during the cocktail reception. The POS and online shop system impressed the audience. A blogger wrote in her report: “A simple and modern system that is sure to catch on in coming years.” Other bloggers were also excited by the event. We are pleased with this successful event and wish Jo Brauer at Europaallee in Zurich continued success! 


Suzana Simic and Dusanka Simic from Jo Brauer, along with José Manuel Rodriguez and Pedro Pizarro from Paymash