Paymash presents its new backend tool: From now on offers and invoices can be professionally created in the system online and sent via email. Be it online via the online shop templates or offline with the iPad POS system – Paymash already has many fans, especially in the areas of retail and the food industry. With its new back-end function Paymash is now also interesting for entrepreneurs whose transactions do not take place at the (virtual) store counter, but mainly come about via individual offers. The core function is to create complete, customized, professionally laid-out offers in a few steps, which can be simply and quickly converted into invoices given commissioning. The integrated communication tool is “icing on the cake”! It meticulously logs the course of negotiations between seller and the interested party, enabling the potential customer to make comments on submitted offers in a direct and a simple manner, and to clarify questions regarding details.


All that is required to use the new backend tool is an Internet-enabled device with a browser installed. Compared to creating orders and invoices by hand, with its tool Paymash provides a number of useful additional features and advantages, of which the following four are particularly worthy of mention: 1. A thoroughly professional order and invoice layout ensures a reputable visual appearance for (potential) customers and partners. 2. Well thought-out system specifications reduce the likelihood of errors, but without detracting from flexibility in terms of each offer’s contents. 3. All contract processes are automatically documented in the system in the most transparent way, thus minimizing your administrative expenses. 4. Business documents are conveniently sent from the system via email, without paper.

Conclusion: Clear overview, time-saving, and reliable – that’s how the new Paymash back-end function shapes up, which should especially please customers in the B2B sector. If you have primarily been dealing with your everyday business orders via individual offers, and have thus far been creating your offers and invoices by hand, then don’t wait any longer, switch to the Paymash professional ordering tool. Take advantage of the benefits of comprehensive documentation, exemplary customer communication, and clear time savings, and become part of the Paymash family! What are you waiting for? Try out the free download of Paymash POS for your iPhone from the App Store, and take advantage of the 30-day trial version, with no obligation!