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Accept all payment methods and convince your customers with a shopping experience they will remember with pleasure. Without any fixed monthly costs and with transparent fees.

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Lokales Unternehmen Bild 1 | Paymash
Lokales Unternehmen Bild 2 | Paymash
Lokales Unternehmen Bild 3 | Paymash
Lokales Unternehmen Bild 4 | Paymash
Lokales Unternehmen Bild 5 | Paymash
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Payment systems for every business

Discover the optimal solution for card payments in your business with Paymash. Our versatile payment terminals are suitable for every industry and offer the right solution for every need.

  • Easy to set up
  • Contactless payments
  • In shop or on the go


Mobile card terminals for secure and fast payments | Picture 02 Mobile card terminals for secure and fast payments | Picture 02

Card payment, cash register and printer in one

In addition to the usual card readers, we also offer all-in-one payment terminals. With these you can accept card payments everywhere, book sales in the cash register and hand out receipts immediately.

  •  Long battery life
  • Mobile, thanks to integrated SIM card
  • Seamless integration with cash register app


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Always on the best network

Our devices have a SIM card and WLAN. This means you are always reliably on the best network.

  • Reliable, fast and secure transactions
  • No additional smartphone required
  • Includes a SIM card with unlimited data volume
  • Can switch flexibly between mobile or WLAN network


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The digital receipt

The QR receipt optimizes the payment process and enables you to send invoices electronically. Legally compliant, no more loss of receipts and customers can use QR receipts to provide feedback.

  • Customers scan the QR code with their smartphone to receive the receipt
  • No registration required
  • Less paper, less effort and lower costs


Group 1140 Group 1140

With PaymashPay your payments are always secure

Guaranteed secure payments through the most modern security standards. In addition, the Paymash POS solution is tax office compliant and adapts to changing guidelines through regular updates. 

  • Optimum security
  • EMV and PCI certified
  • Certified by the tax office


Group 1297 Group 1297

Card payment - autonomous or integrated cash registers

Accept all cards with integrated or standalone checkout terminals. Connect payment terminals from PaymashPay, myPOS or SumUp with our checkout app and offer your customers a professional shopping experience.

  • Tip function
  • Integrated SIM card
  • Fully integrated with checkout app


Card Terminal_FR (1) Card Terminal_FR (1)

Do you need help?

Our team is available to answer your questions from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. You can reach us by email, chat or phone. You can find helpful instructions and explanatory videos in the Support Center.

Such a device is used for cashless payment at a point of sale. During the payment process, it checks a debit card or a credit card for card blocking and remaining credit. It then reports the result of the check to the POS (Point of Sale) system. The first such devices were used in the USA in the 1970s.

The payment process is as follows:

  1. The amount owed is entered into the terminal or transferred directly.
  2. The payment card is inserted into the reader of the card terminal during the payment process or held up to the NFC symbol in the case of contactless payment.
  3. The validity of the card is then checked. The process only continues if the card is approved and has not yet expired.
  4. The PIN is entered via a special keyboard.
  5. The data is compared with the bank and it is checked whether there is a credit balance. At the same time, the cardholder is checked.
  6. If all steps have been approved by the bank, the amount is debited from the card account.

The card readers from Paymash only have to be paid for once. There are no fixed costs. The cheapest devices amount to less than CHF 50 / EUR. Only the individual transaction fees have to be added.



The Paymash cash register solution is TSE-capable and therefore tamper-proof. The devices are certified (EMV and PCI) and the system is certified by the tax office.


Contactless payment has the following advantages over cash:
  • Faster sales processing
  • Safer to use
  • More hygienic
  • No counterfeit money
  • Customers are more willing to buy
The wide selection can be overwhelming. In order to make the right decision, a few things should be taken into account.
  • How long is the contract period?
  • Are there fixed monthly costs?
  • How high are the transaction fees?
  • Are there other costs, e.g. for the SIM card?
  • Which cards are accepted by the provider?
  • Can the devices only be used stationary or also mobile?
The advantages of Paymash:
  • Low transaction fees
  • No hidden costs
  • Monthly cancellation period 
  • No fixed costs

Yes, Paymash is fully compatible with all requirements for Switzerland and Austria. You can find more information for Switzerland here.

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