Co-Marketing: More success through strategic partnerships

Co-Marketing is a simple and promising concept for small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed people to make the most of their available resources and to create synergies. If you are striving for a strategic partnership with another company, this can provide you, the foreign company and customers with many advantages.
chalkboard message

55 outstanding chalkboard quotes & ideas for your business

55 Lustige und inspirierende Kreidetafel Sprüche als Kundenstopper, die du vor deinem Geschäft, Restaurant, Bar, Café oder Beauty Salon aufstellen kannst.

Pay per click ads - do they work for small business? Interview with a PPC expert

In our interview we have addressed these and other questions to Irina Nikulina - a PPC expert with 7 years of experience in digital advertising. Irina has launched hundreds of ad campaigns for restaurants, beauty businesses and retail stores. If you read through and still have questions, feel free to contact Irina for a free PPC consultation.

Floral POS system - getting ready for the peak days in the flower trade

As an experienced florist, you know that the days leading up to Valentine’s Day can bring you a good five times a normal day’s sales. You also know that this means a lot of stress for you and your employees. It starts with customer service and the sales…
Video Marketing

9 Reasons Your Small Business Should Do Video Marketing

Your customers are waiting for you out there. Social networks and video are just as hard to separate from each other as movies and popcorn. We are so used to flipping through videos in our news feed that if someone would cut them all out, we’d probably feel…
Valentines Marketing

18 Sweet Valentine’s Day Ideas to Market Your Small Business

After surviving the Christmas business rush it’s important to re-engage your customers in the new year. And St. Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to send out a little love to your loyal customers, thanking them for all their patronage over…