Instagram Tips

15 Instagram Tips for Small Business Owners from a Fashion Blogger

Why Instagram? In only six years, this photo-sharing app has exploded to 500 million monthly active users, with half of them using Instagram daily. It’s almost equally popular with men and women, but users tend to be young; about 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. And now that Facebook owns this platform, Instagram’s popularity will surely grow.


New compatible printers for restaurants

Restaurant are often busy, so it has to be fast. Orders must be taken and forwarded directly to the kitchen. On tables that are ready to pay, guests want to quickly get their bill. Paymash offers POS system, invoices and Webshop the ideal accessory which increases efficiency in gastronomic service.


Mobile POS benefits for small business (Infographics)

It all started with the good old cash register. It was invented in the 19th century in the USA with the aim to avoid embezzlement by saloon employees. These mechanical, heavy and chunky machines are now history and were replaced by modern, electronic devices. This development has also led to the fact that in many countries the legal rules have been adapted and electronic registers are standard. Today, one speaks mainly of point of sale, abbreviated POS, which means cash point or sales point.

Facebook Lokales Marketing

Facebook Local Marketing for Restaurants – Grow Your Lunch Crowd Today

Facebook offers local business marketing tools that can be easily tailored to fit your customers geographically and demographically. For restaurants, Facebook advertising creates local internet marketing that can be customized to entice new customers and to re-engage current customers to drive repeat business.

Email marketing

DIY Email Marketing for Your Small Beauty Business – How To Take Your Customer Service Online

In today’s digital world, a large part of serving your customers is being able to stay connected to them digitally through email and online promotions, even if you don’t use a computer in your day-to-day tasks. In the beauty and wellness industry, the right tools can make email marketing a natural extension of your business. Choosing email marketing programs, POS systems and social media platforms that work together is your first step in taking your business to the next level.

customer reviews

Customer Reviews – the new retail recommendation search machines

Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google and Foursquare are platforms on which customers are looking for travel tips, cozy cafes with Wi-Fi, trendy beauty salons or exciting travel destinations with boutique hotels. A good basis for this is the ratings and customer reviews of others who express their opinions on these platforms. Paymash takes a look at these evaluation systems.