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Increase your sales with Paymash's straightforward online booking system. Easy to set up and suitable for any business.

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Lokales Unternehmen Bild 1 | Paymash
Lokales Unternehmen Bild 2 | Paymash
Lokales Unternehmen Bild 3 | Paymash
Lokales Unternehmen Bild 4 | Paymash
Lokales Unternehmen Bild 5 | Paymash
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Discover the options for booking appointments

Our appointment booking system facilitates planning through transparent business hours and direct service allocation, improves communication and simplifies administration.

  • Display available appointments for your customers
  • Direct assignment of services to employees
  • Notifications for optimal customer and dealer communication


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Advantages of booking an appointment

Increase customer satisfaction and capacity utilization with our online booking system: bookable around the clock, automatic reminders and easy appointment scheduling.

  • Flexibility: bookable from anywhere, at any time
  • More appointment bookings, optimal utilization
  • Automatic reminders for your customers


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Avoid missed appointments

No more missed appointments thanks to personalized reminders for your customers. This helps you avoid absences and increase your sales.

  • Individual customer reminders
  • Conditions for canceling an appointment
  • Compensation for appointments that are not canceled


Terminausfälle_ENG Terminausfälle_ENG

Flexible booking, around the clock

Increase your sales, use our simple integration for 24/7 appointment bookings and integrate social media to reach customers effectively.

  • Appointment booking available around the clock
  • 30% increase in sales possible
  • Link appointment booking with social media channels


Flexibel_ENG Flexibel_ENG

Design your booking page

Make your brand unforgettable: Personalize your booking page with logo, colors and style to make a strong impression on customers.

  • Give your booking page a unique touch
  • Design with your logo, colors and style
  • Make your brand even better known


Gestaltung_ENG Gestaltung_ENG

Central organization

Maximize efficiency with Paymash: Centralize appointments, invoices and more in an all-in-one system for seamless business management.

  • Unified platform for all business processes
  • Integrated solution for cash register, online store and inventory
  • Central administration for error-free business management


Zentral Zentral

Efficient customer management

Optimize customer satisfaction with detailed profiles for personalized support and holistic insight into purchase history and preferences.

  • Create detailed customer profiles
  • Keep an eye on purchase history and notes
  • Individualize the customer relationship


Effizient_ENG Effizient_ENG

Your team, centrally managed

Centralize your team management: Include employees in the appointment booking and show their services for optimized customer planning.

  • Easy integration of team members
  • Display the services of each employee
  • Optimize appointment scheduling for customers


Team_ENG Team_ENG

To activate the booking system, you must first log in to the admin area. Go to your company name on the top right and select "Settings". Then press "Account" and scroll down to the option "Activate booking system". Now the booking function is activated and you can use it for your company.

Once an appointment is created or a service is booked, an entry is automatically displayed in the calendar. The calendar can be accessed in the admin area at any time.

Services are basically also products. In the admin area under the menu item "Products" you can create your services. Just click on the blue plus and fill out the required information fields. Instead of a product, you can then choose your own service at any time.

In order to use the booking system, a Paymash license is required. With the All-in-One license you have full access to the entire functionality. With other license models there are certain restrictions.

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